A Visit with Crest Mold Technology at amerimold

My walk through the exhibit hall included a visit with Crest Mold to see up close and personal how immersed the company is in R&D efforts.




Canadian mold manufacturer Crest Mold Technology has always focused on R&D efforts to gain a competitive edge. Recently Crest developed an alliance with Matsui of Japan and Cinpres of the United Kingdom for Rapid Heat Cycle Molding using Cyclic Process Thermodynamics via project-specific mediums. Plastics Technology editor Jim Callari and I sat down with William Cipkar, President of Crest Mold and Ed Bernard, R&D—as well as Nobuyuki Yamanaka, Director of Mastui America. Bernard and Yamanaka explained how the process works. Basically the Rapid Heat Cycling molding methods were created to hear a mold cavity to “near glass transition” then rapidly cool it so it cure quickly enough to eject the parts from the mold. Pictured is a before (right) and after (left) of a part produced with this method.

Stay tuned for a profile on this company in an upcoming issue of MMT.

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