A Key to Meeting Mold Building and Molding Demand

Fairway Injection Molding Systems’ growth strategy is doing business right with the right clients--long-term, strategically profitable companies whose business models align with that of Fairway’s.

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Van Bogget, director of sales and marketing for Fairway says they've put the company in a great position strategically over the past three years, growing 20 percent each year with the type of clients with which they can realize mutual benefits.

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A key to growth is being accessible to clients. Fairway hired a new technical sales engineer for the Eastern U.S. based in Cincinnati. Bogget notes, “We take seriously the responsibility we have as a West coast company to meet the need to be in front of our clients on the East coast to provide personal, one-on-one rapid response service,”

In addition to clients throughout North America, Fairway has developed customers in Latin America. To provide this same type of service to Fairway’s clients in Latin America, the company has hired a technical sales engineer to cover that region. 

“We have a brochure in Spanish to accommodate our sales engineer’s efforts in Mexico and Central America,” Van Bogget says.  “In addition to our Latin American sales engineer, a high percentage of our team speaks both fluent English and Spanish.  We are then able to provide additional support to both our domestic and Latin American clients.”

The company currently has 75 employees that are cross-trained in all phases of mold manufacturing.


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