Peter Zelinski Editor-in-Chief

Peter Zelinski helped to launch Additive Manufacturing in 2012. As the brand’s editor-in-chief, he is exploring the advance of 3D printing as a means of industrial production, increasingly including scale production. He is a regular speaker at the Additive Manufacturing Conference, and he is co-creator and co-host of a video series on 3D printing for part production, The Cool Parts Show, recently recognized in a national award for Best Use of Video in niche media. In 2020, Pete was co-host of the U.S. Air Force’s week-long event, the Advanced Manufacturing Olympics. Pete also serves as editor-in-chief of Modern Machine Shop, a sister publication focused on metalworking and CNC machining, and the magazine he has been part of since the late 90s. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Cincinnati.

3D Printing and Coronavirus: U.S. Additive Manufacturers Share Their Experiences

By: Brent Donaldson

Sister brand Additive Manufacturing shares the stories of how a few 3D printing companies have managed both the setbacks and opportunities that the COVID-19 outbreak has brought to light.