Barbara Schulz European Correspondent

Based in Germany, Barbara Schulz is the European Correspondent for various Gardner Business Media metalworking group brands, including Modern Machine Shop, Additive Manufacturing, Production Machining and Moldmaking Technology. After completing her studies in linguistics and mechanical engineering in 2005, Barbara started covering the manufacturing industry as an editor with a leading German industrial magazine. Two years later, she became editor-in-chief of an Australian manufacturing magazine, which was published by a national manufacturing association. This association enabled her to network with Australia's top players in metal manufacturing as well as small- to medium-size manufacturing businesses. She returned to Germany in 2013 as editor-in-chief of a prominent European moldmaking magazine. Joining Gardner in 2017, her role is to present perspective relative to European machining trends, technology and tactics to our readers.
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Plug-And-Play Mold Monitoring Provides Transparent, Efficient Processes

By: Barbara Schulz

A plug-and-play mold monitoring device, which takes intelligence into the tool without the complexity often associated with Industry 4.0, helps mold owners who continue to struggle with monitoring their molds.  

Additive Manufacturing

Print the Whole Injection Mold in HSS to Increase Tool Life

By: Barbara Schulz

A German mold builder offers a solution for printing high-speed steels with high carbon content to produce highly dense and wear-resistant molds via selective laser melting.


Direct Rapid Soft Molds Open Up New Applications in Micro Injection Molding

By: Barbara Schulz

Nanofabrica's Direct Rapid Soft Tooling (DRST) process enables lead times of two hours from file to injected part. With up to 1000 injection-molded parts per tool, the technology unlocks potential applications in small or medium-batch manufacturing.

3D Printing and Coronavirus: U.S. Additive Manufacturers Share Their Experiences

By: Brent Donaldson

Sister brand Additive Manufacturing shares the stories of how a few 3D printing companies have managed both the setbacks and opportunities that the COVID-19 outbreak has brought to light.


International Perspective: European Toolmakers Face a Rocky Road Ahead

By: Barbara Schulz

For many tool-, die- and moldmakers within the automotive supply chain time is running out, says Volker Schäfer, chairman of VDMA’s (German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association) toolmaking division.


Combining Injection Molding and Extrusion Technology for High-Speed Injection

By: Barbara Schulz

A new nozzle design developed by an Austrian-based mold builder abandons the usual round opening for a wide slit to allow for up to 25% faster cycle times, lower shear and injection pressure.

Maintenance & Repair

How to Avoid Premature Mold Failure

By: Barbara Schulz

A look at the most common types of mold damage, practical examples, causes, and recommended solutions.  

Business Strategies

Moldmaking In the Heart of Europe

By: Barbara Schulz

Culture, technology investment and industry involvement make this small Slovenian mold builder globally competitive despite a skills gap and rising labor costs.
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EMO 2019: Driving Tomorrow’s Production

By: Barbara Schulz

Themed "Smart technologies driving tomorrow's production," the world's leading metalworking trade show, EMO Hannover 2019, already counts 2,107 registered exhibitors from 47 countries, organizer VDW (German Machine Tool Builders' Association) reported during a preview event held at the Hanover showgrounds in July. About 80 international journalists and 40 exhibitors convened to hear what's new for this year's show (to be held from September 16-21, 2019), which is once again set to attract around 130,000 visitors.
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Bringing Topology Optimization to Injection Molds

By: Barbara Schulz

Topology optimization and an integrated software solution help a mold builder produce an injection mold with 50-percent less mass, permitting faster machine motion for 30-percent faster cycle time.

Moulding Expo 2019—Where Friends Meet

By: Barbara Schulz

Since its inception in 2015 Moulding Expo has developed to become a meeting point for the European tool- and moldmaking community. This year’s event was no different.


Highly-Automated Tool Shop Achieves Efficient, Precise Medical Device Manufacturing

By: Barbara Schulz

When a basketball player needs a knee replacement, standard implants simply won’t do. With a total of 18 different additive manufacturing systems, the Aesculap division of medical company B. Braun is the place to go to have custom implants printed to size. However, the highly-automated tool and mold shop has much more to offer when it comes to producing injection molds, complex progressive dies as well as prototypes and fixtures for series production.