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My trip to Gardner Business Media’s inaugural Meximold trade show and conference gave me an opportunity to take the MoldMaking Technology/The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast international! 

Tony Demakis and I sat down with Natalia Ortega, Editor in Chief for Plastics Technology Mexico, and Christopher Day, General Sales Manager for the Latin America Region of StackTeck to discuss the growing manufacturing base in Mexico and the opportunities and challenges it brings to the table if you are open to it.

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MoldMaking Technology’s online database offers more than 1,000 manufacturers, distributors and suppliers for more than 200 product and service categories that you employ daily. To keep this information current, MMT surveys and updates its supplier database every spring with the latest company contact information and product/service offerings, including Software.

This month’s Technology Review and Sourcing Guide includes a portion of that database listed in sourcing grids tailored to match suppliers with their respective product/service offerings along with a sample of product releases that the magazine featured throughout the year. These are the companies from the Software section:

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Molds are considered a commodity. A statement all too familiar to most of us, as it has become the general attitude within the injection molding industry that hires employees who do not fully understand the complexity of manufacturing an injection mold. I want to share a perspective that may help facilitate the buying and selling of molds, as I have experience working on both sides of the process, selling injection molds to buyers and buying injection molds as a purchasing manager.

Mold buyers have a unique job in which they can either set up a manufacturing process for success or cause the company to lose profitability. A lack of understanding exactly what they are purchasing hurts productivity. Purchasing only on price and delivery is not the proper matrix for evaluating a mold. Putting part size, the number of slide actions, steel type and manufacturing location into a spreadsheet does not calculate the best mold price. The calculation is much more complex than that.

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PODCAST: Challenge Yourself and Your Mold Building Business to Push Boundaries

During this episode of The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast, Christina Fuges and Tony Demakis sit down with Wayne Daniel, director of business development and outside tool in sales at Canon Virginia. Wayne has been with Canon for 30 years. He describes himself as a “molding guy”, having spent about 27 years of his career in injection molding, supporting Canon’s in-house molding operations and manufacturing.

Here’s just several highlights from their conversation:

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Your 2020 Technology and Service Connection

As North American mold builders continue to look for new business opportunities, investigate different end markets and explore new product development, they will win additional work and require expansion plans. This growth can mean a need for more or new technology or services to stay competitive, which is where MoldMaking Technology’s annual Technology Review and Sourcing Guide comes into play.

This year we’ve taken the past 12 months’ worth of moldmaking product developments and organized them into the following sections: software, additive manufacturing, mold materials, hot runners, mold components, cutting tools, machining, EDM, inspection/measurement, and maintenance, repair and surface treatment. And, new this year: service providers.

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