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What Can 3D Printing Really Do?

Is 3D printing a real option for production? How is it being used to make end-use parts today? How will additive manufacturing (AM) change the way products are made in the future? 

These are some of the questions that we at Additive Manufacturing, sister publication to MoldMaking Technology, seek to answer. Focusing purely on the technology and how it works doesn’t provide a complete picture of where AM is and what it can do, so we emphasize stories of real parts and users who are succeeding with 3D printing.

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Noteworthy News: Gratifying Get-Togethers

Networking is an important aspect of any business venture, and that extends to the moldmaking community. The industry events below, whether upcoming or already passed, provide exciting insights to latest technologies, as well as chances to meet and greet with friends both old and new. Want to be part of upcoming industry networking opportunities? Be sure to check out MoldMaking Technology’s Events calendar to see what’s in store in the coming months.


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On-Machine In-Process Inspection Improves Machining Accuracy

Selecting the right cutting conditions before machining is critical for precision machining. The wrong conditions can lead to tool deflection and tool wear, which diminishes the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of subsequent workpieces.

Generally speaking, manufacturing engineers and machinists who analyze material hardness, workpiece characteristics and tool selection before machining can obtain a set of suitable cutting parameters. However, most develop the appropriate parameters by test cutting and adjusting because there are no corresponding means to quantify the optimal cutting parameters.

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Mold manufacturers must deliver high-quality molds to customers faster than their competitors and then help them design products right the first time. Ultimately, moldmakers are striving to pull together the multiple pieces of the mold design process to integrate and manage design within the product development process.

According to studies, 70 to 80% of the total product cost is determined during the initial stage of product design. During the last stage of the product’s life cycle, a large portion of product cost continues to incur, so it is important to pre-estimate tooling costs.

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Is your current CAM software not working for you? Looking for a new program but just can’t decide which one would suit your needs? Check out some of these choices below! Ranging in features from enabling easier three- and five-axis programming, simulation and verification, reducing cycle times while increasing surface finish, independent operation, and sharper, clearer and more realistic views of machines and the machining process, you are sure to find something suitable for your business and machining needs.


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