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In this episode of The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast I joined Tony Demakis for a conversation with our Mike Devereux, Partner and Director of Manufacturing, Distribution and Plastics Industry Services for Mueller Prost.

If you don’t know Mike, he provides insight and information on tax-related issues impacting mold manufacturing and plastics every month for the MMT brand through The Bottom Line. Mike’s passion for numbers started at a young age. He likes the challenge of saving people money in the moldmaking and plastics industries. During our conversation, we also talked about why Mueller Prost stands out among the competition by being industry-specific.

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Plan ahead for Amerimold 2019 with a sneak peek of some highlighted products from the show’s extensive list of exhibitors!

Amerimold is the Event for Mold Manufacturing, an annual tradeshow that addresses the business development, best practices and networking interests of the plastic injection mold manufacturing industry. Attendees are owners, executives, engineers and managers at OEMs and contract manufacturers. Register today for the chance to experience informational Tech Talks, In-Booth Presentations and two new workshops focusing on Additive Manufacturing for Plastics and Medical Injection Molding.

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Describe your company’s core competencies, including approaches for noted quick deliveries and the focus on more complex, tight-tolerance molds.

Jonathan Buss, president: BPM’s core competencies include building molds with 16 cavities or under with stringent requirements of finishes and tolerances. We excel at customer service/responsiveness and quality, including supporting immediate repairs and stocking spare components, as well as providing value-added features like waterline ID tags so our customers can set up molds faster and more accurately. We make a point of partnering with customers for early involvement so a robust part and mold design ensues, and we provide mold simulations as needed.

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By: Douglas Mueller, CPA 18. April 2019

Understanding the New Flow Through Deduction

The qualified business income deduction of the 2017 Tax Cuts, and Jobs Act (The Act) offers a 20-percent deduction to shops for tax years ending in 2018 and expires December 31, 2025. The law appears to be simple. It gives mold shops a 20-percent deduction of qualified business income to all non-corporate taxpayers (flow-through entities, S corporations, partnerships and LLCs). However, it comes with some qualifications, restrictions and limitations. 


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You have two days to see more than 200 exhibitors, see demos, attend technical presentations and a workshop. How? Map Your Show.

Too often, opportunities are missed by attendees because they are not properly prepared to walk the exhibit hall and soak everything in. I’d like to offer a few tips that should help attendees make the most of their visit to THE 20th Annual Event for Mold Making.

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