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It is hard to believe, but another Amerimold Expo has come and gone. To me, the build-up to the show is like Christmas, with much anticipation and preparation, and then it is over before you know it. From what I gathered talking to exhibitors who were there, it was a great show. I agree.

This Amerimold celebrated its 20th anniversary serving the North American moldmaking industry. We thank everyone who has supported the event since the first time it was held, and we thank those who joined us along the way. 

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According to the Federal Reserve, nearly 70% of all U.S. economic activity is generated by consumer spending. According to the latest consumer spending data, which included December of 2018, total consumer spending growth grew 2.8% during the calendar year. This is nearly identical to the latest reading of 2018 U.S. GDP growth of 2.85%, also reported by the Federal Reserve. 

Gardner’s analysis of Wall Street data for the consumer cyclical sector can be generally classified under two industries; the first being Apparel and the second Home Furnishing, Fixtures and Household Products, which will be referred to as “Home Goods.” The financial trends within these two industries over the last three years illustrate very different histories. In particular, the aggregated financial data provided by firms in the Home Goods industries suggests that the industry increased capital expenditures after experiencing an increase in free cash flows. Conversely, in the relatively short time period studied the Apparel industry’s free cash flow position, in general, does not appear to induce a similar change in capital expenditures.

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10 We deal with incredible pressures but know how to vent.

9 Injecting, shots and knockouts are legal in all 50 states.

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Over the past few years, I have heard through the grapevine that those shops who have taken the Leadtime Leader title say they’ve entered an elite club … “like The Oscars or better yet The Masters,” one past winner told me.

How cool to think of this annual Award in that regard. And it certainly felt that way yesterday as our 2018 and newly-crowned 2019 Leadtime Leader Winners shared the spotlight for a few short but emotional minutes.

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Amerimold Expo 2019 is here! There are two days of information-packed programming, not to mention a wide array of exhibitors that are anxious to meet with attendees. I had a sneak preview of a few of the exhibitors – namely those who are sponsors of Amerimold, and here’s what they are featuring this year (be sure to check out images from the show floor, above):

Progressive Components, in booth 1205, is spotlighting its new System Cooling High Temp Manifolds. As part of the company’s System Cooling Platform, manifolds monitor each circuit within a mold via embedded, individual sensors which measure based on the Vortex Flow principle, alerting the user of any deviations which might then reduce cycle times and affect product consistency or increase scrap. New high-temp manifolds now support temperatures up to 250° F / 120° C. Available in 4, 8, and 12 zone units, each can be connected to as many as eight manifolds for a total of 96 zones. 

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