Your New Year Digital Edition Is Available

The New Year kicks off with an industry outlook reporting long-term growth opportunities, a new conformal cooling technique rooted in a multilayer robotic deposition technology that is capable of manufacturing near-net shape objects, a roundtable discussion on software challenges, solutions and advancements, an automated polishing solution, and much more.


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The cover of MMT’s January 2018 issue from Conformal Cooling Solutions shows a rendering of the coolant hole layout for a conformal-cooled core of a bumper mold. A conventionally cooled core required more than 100 holes and baffles while the conformal-cooled core required only 30 holes and baffles. Cooling channels follow the surface contour of the core face allowing maximum coverage to evenly and quickly cool the molded part. The amount of available area in the conformal-cooled core would give designers the flexibility to add lifters and slides.

Five Great Tips From This Issue:

  1. An overarching leading indicator of plastic part production and consumption is the housing market, specifically home building and family formation, as they both result in significant direct and/or indirect consumer consumption of plastics across all end markets in the form of products and their associated packaging.
  2. The most efficient way to deposit any alloy is in the flat position, so that gravity is not a factor. The conformal cooling channel is orientated by the system, so it is perpendicular to the floor. This ensures that the bead sequence is consistent within the channel.
  3. Machine hammer peening does not affect surface geometries or dimensions. The peening process flattens cutter cusp peaks into the valleys, maintaining dimensional uniformity. 
  4. Buy-sell agreements serve multiple purposes in one document, including identifying the person/people who can buy interest in the company, how to determine the transfer price of the ownership interest, how to structure the terms for the buyout and tax implications of the chosen structure.
  5. A common issue with MTConnect is adapter/machine mismatch. Different machines and even different models of the same machine require different adapters, so be sure to provide the machine tool’s OEM with your machine model and software version when acquiring an adapter to ensure you receive the correct one.

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