Working Hands Radio

This tool and die guy, who has recorded more than 350 training videos, is now broadcasting on the radio with phone lines open. His first episode is on apprenticeships and mentoring.


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Phil Kerner, the Tool and Die Guy, from Erie, Pennsylvania, was someone I came across online a few years ago, who shares his wealth of knowledge and experience in manufacturing and design, including setups, precision grinding, inspection, EDM, cutter grinding, shop math and moldmaking.

He has spent the last 35 years putting his experience to work in not only die cast dies and injection mold building, but also in fixture design and building as well as production machining. He believes he is one of the few guys left out there who can handle both the intricacies of injection mold building and can switch over to running production parts without too much thought.

His information-sharing tarted off as a simple site, then onto videos, then paid content and now he has launched Working Hands Radio, a talk-radio program broadcast LIVE on WJET 1400 AM in Erie, and around the globe on Facebook LIVE.


Apprenticeships are WAY more than just the "nuts and bolts" of the trade.


His first episode is on apprenticeships and mentoring. He discusses the secret to teaching and mentoring as one of his own apprentices joins him the studio. Check it out.