Wide Open Opportunities

The future is looking bright for the subject of this month’s profile article, which has plenty of room for expansion.


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I think primarily in words. That’s why I relish any chance to work with a good photographer who truly thinks visually. Such a colleague can offer insights I’d have never thought about otherwise.

That was the case in a recent chain of emails with Todd Schuett of Creative Technology Corp., who took the photograph above. It depicts an undeveloped area located just south of Diamond Tool & Engineering, a mold manufacturer in the small, rural community of Bertha, Minnesota. Where most people—including yours truly—see only an open field, Todd sees opportunity. “I think of Diamond Tool as a little gem in the middle of nowhere,” he wrote about the picture. “To me, this picture infers endless room for expansion and job opportunities for a wealth of loyal talent anxious to ply their trade in an environment so beautiful.”

The future does indeed look bright for Diamond Tool. In 2014, the company’s 25th year in operation, Diamond added 7,000 square feet to its facility.  It also installed its first injection press for in-house testing and sampling. Hiring picked up as well.

Although the market has been good, company founder and president Kent Smith credits more than that for the company’s growth. Read our March-issue profile to learn more.