Wicked Videos Show Off Wicked Welding's Work



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A little welding humor from Wicked Welding's Facebook page.


I was perusing Facebook recently when I came across the humorous post, above, from Wicked Welding Inc. in Dayton, Ohio. It made me click through to their page where I noticed that Pete Mourouzis and his team have been busy making many posts since MMT completed and published their case study feature in October. This company really has fun with social media while also promoting its welding services to moldmakers, tool and die makers and others.

Pete told me they enjoy posting photos and videos on Facebook and that’s the place to go to view the company’s laser welding, laser marking, TIG welding, and other capabilities. You’ll see that several of their customers post on the site, too, and a few have even rated the company’s services on Facebook. They’re making social media work as a marketing tool and as a fun way to showcase their work and the industries they serve. More companies should follow their lead.

It’s fascinating to watch those sparks fly as welders create graphic images such as logos and bar codes, numerals and lettering on all types of metal, so take a few minutes to view some cool videos here!

If you missed it, you can access our feature article about Wicked Welding (which also includes a video) here.