When Opportunity Knocks …



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answer the door!

This year is all about looking for and capitalizing on new business opportunities for your shops.

MoldMaking Technology’s mission has always been to provide you with information on the products, equipment, services and strategies necessary to improve the technology and business of mold manufacturing—from quoting, designing, programming, and raw material and hardware purchasing to rough machining, semi-finish machining, finish machining, post-secondary processing, mold assembly and sample tryout—and to help legitimize the industry by teaching shops how to run like a business, create a culture of change and continuous improvement; and, capitalize on the strength of U.S. mold manufacturing: its tooling experience and service. Therefore, the chosen editorial theme of 2009 is new business opportunities for today’s mold manufacturer—whether it is entering a new end market; adding a value-added service; establishing a niche; capitalizing on an existing capability in a unique capacity; designing, building and managing different mold types; locating a geographically-new customer base; getting involved with organizations and trade associations; strengthening continuous education efforts; focusing on workforce development or establishing collaboratives.

Within each issue we will examine these opportunities from both end market and process perspectives. End market articles will be presented as both technology/trend reviews and application reviews/case studies. They will examine current moldmaking innovations, strategies and applications within one of the following industries in every issue: medical, aerospace/defense, power generation/energy, automotive, electronic, consumer products, and packaging from both the supplier and end-user perspectives.
Process-specific articles will review trends, strategies, technologies and examples of a variety of new and upcoming business opportunities for mold manufacturers—including the following markets, services and initiatives: die casting, composites, multi-tasking machining, Mexico, micro-moldmaking, large mold machining, compression molds, Brazil, lean manufacturing and its green effects, repair and rework, upfront engineering, thermoforming, Germany and rapid prototyping.

If you haven’t already, today is the day to start seriously looking for opportunities to not only stay in business, but expand your business. Check out our first installment of the New Business Opportunities series, and if you have a story to share, shoot me an e-mail (cfuges@gardnerweb.com) or call me at (800) 579-8809.

Now don't just answer the door, let opportunity in!

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