What Is MoldMaking Technology's Editorial Advisory Board?

MoldMaking Technology’s Editorial Team looks to mold manufacturing professionals to serve on its Editorial Advisory Board to help guide the content that will best serve the industry.
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I said it before, and I’ll say it again: This is your industry. This is your magazine. I look to you to help guide the content that will best serve this industry. I timed this perfectly as 2019 comes to a close and another Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) term comes to an end.

You might be asking, what is an EAB and how does it pertain to me? Well, coming into this industry with no real-world moldmaking experience, I quickly realized that to provide the most appropriate content, I needed to solicit help from those who actually design, build, maintain, repair, purchase and run molds. The help I sought was in the form of a steering committee to provide new ideas and perspectives on the industry and assist the editorial team with the direction of MMT’s’s content.

The Board comprises ten men and women selected based on their experience and knowledge of moldmaking and represents all aspects of mold manufacturing (moldmakers, molders, OEMs, educators and consultants). Each member serves a three-year term. Check out the current board members on page 8 of any issue and online.

I firmly believe that the active involvement of industry leaders has helped MMT consistently cover the industry’s most important topics.


As an EAB member, you may:

  • Encourage the submission of topics, articles, research, presentations, interviews, profiles and other relevant industry issues.

  • Provide occasional guest editorials/viewpoints/commentaries for magazine and/or assist with moderating panel discussions/roundtables at Amerimold’s annual conference, where appropriate.

  • Represent and promote the magazine’s mission at conferences you may attend (especially Amerimold).

  • Provide helpful comments/criticism/information to the editor to assist in the development and direction of the publication.

  • Help the editors stay on top of moldmaking-related industry trends, news and products.

  • Act as a reviewer of editorial ideas, recommendations and contributions. 


Some EAB benefits include:

  • Industry recognition by assisting in the strategic editorial direction of the publication

  • Name and affiliation listed within each issue of the publication

  • Name and affiliation noted on the magazine’s website

  • Preferred opportunities to contribute editorially to the magazine

  • A complimentary conference and exhibition registration

  • Discounted 10 x 10 booth at Amerimold Expo.


If this opportunity intrigues you, or if you have someone in mind for an EAB position, shoot me an email at cfuges@gardnerweb.com to get the process started for our EAB 2020-2023 term.