Webinar: Standard Components – Options that Simplify Mold Designs, Reduce Costs and Speed Mold Building

October 23 webinar will discuss new options and advantages of using standardized components.


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The use of standard components by moldmakers is increasing, and suppliers are investing time and resources into further advancing these components. For example, Hasco introduces, on average, 15 new standard components each year, with a focus on eliminating re-work and allowing easy and error-free installation by the moldmaker. But there are many more reasons to consider using standard components and they will be discussed during the free webinar presented by Hasco and hosted by MoldMaking Technology on Tuesday, October 23, at 1 p.m. CT.

 Consider the following trends in the moldmaking industry:

  • The demand for standard components continues to grow because they enable faster, more cost-effective mold building as well as easy replacement of globally-available, off-the-shelf components that moldmakers need for repair or maintenance.
  • Today molds and tools are built with the use of standard mold components because it is more economical and enables a faster mold-building time.
  • The biggest benefit that comes from using standard components is reduced downtime for maintenance and repairs down the road. Today’s global manufacturing environment requires the global availability of consistent standards and quality components.

During the webinar, these trends will be addressed, including how companies that design and build larger molds have new options for using standard components, including mold bases, that will help speed mold building without breaking budgets. Please join us.