Global Market Opportunities for U.S. Moldmakers: Europe

Tuesday, November 18 at 2PM EST will be the final installment of our quarterly educational webinar series on export opportunities for moldmakers. The key question related to opportunities in the European market is: Will the economic growth, demand and manufacturing production continue in key EU countries, and perhaps spread to other member states? To get the answer, register and tune in.


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In 2012, taken as a whole, the current 28 member states of the European Union received more than $7.6 billion in exports from the U.S. plastics industry. Although the difficulty of market entry and the level of competition can be high in the EU28, some member states are definitely more attractive than others.

This webinar will examine the top 10 export markets of the EU for U.S. molds for plastics, based on total dollar value and answer questions related to opportunities in Europe by analyzing five of the EU economies based on their macroeconomic environments, potential for growth and export strength, with regards to the plastics and mold industries.

By attending this final installment of MMT's quarterly educational webinar series sponsored by DME and brought you by the SPI, you will learn about export markets specifically attractive to U.S. mold manufacturers, and how to size up these market opportunities comparatively.

Register here.