Want to Know What We Are Celebrating in 2015?

It could be your shop's success, if you told us about it! Have you improved your leadtimes, increased sales, entered a new market, implemented a successful strategy or invested in proven technology that greatly impacted your manufacturing process? If so, then tell us. Your story could be grounds for Leadtime Leader Award consideration. A simple entry form is all it takes to be on your way to entering our annual competition.


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I believe every shop has a story to tell, and some are worthy not only of coverage, but of Leadtime Leader Award consideration.
Here are some of the areas we examine:
  • History of company
  • Competitive profile for your company 
  • Average leadtime on a project
  • Leadtime history
  • On time percentage for mold delivery 
  • Positive changes in leadtimes over the last 24-36 months
  • Strategies to help your shop compete
  • • Value-added services offered
  • New market penetration
  • New customer base
  • Details on newest technology innovation/implementation
  • Details on current and future business strategies
  • Sales and marketing strategy
  • Method for keeping on top of technology and business strategy innovations
  • Extent of automation in your operations
  • Strategies for beating the labor crunch
  • Strategies for employee retention, recruitment and skills training?
  • Existing and future plans for organizational development?
Check out our Leadtime Leader alumni. Your shop could be added to this list, but you have to enter to win
Advance Tool
M&M Tool and Mold
Wentworth Mold Group
M&M Tool and Mold
Minco Tool and Mold
M&M Tool and Mold, Inc. 
Extreme Tool and Engineering 
A.J. Tool Co. Inc.
Chicago Mold
Tech Tool & Mold
Commercial Tool & Die
Extreme Tool & Engineering
Commercial Tool & Die
Byrne Tool & Die
Triangle Tool
Mold Craft
United Mold & Tool
Mold Tech
Industrial Molds Group
M&M Tool and Mold
Tech Molded Plastics, Inc.
Micro Mold Company, Inc.
Westminster Tool
Aabers Tool and Mold