Video: The Meaning of the Gardner Business Index

The Gardner Business Index makes understanding trends in manufacturing as easy as possible.


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Are you interested in economic information about manufacturing? Gardner Intelligence, a division of Gardner Business Media, MoldMaking Technology’s parent company, offers a variety of tools for forecasting and trend analysis, precisely focused for the people who design, build and maintain molds. In addition to the monthly Gardner Business Index: MoldMaking Technology reports that we publish here on our blog and in our magazine, Gardner Intelligence produces a monthly video series and conducts a World Machine Tool Survey and a Capital Spending Survey annually. 

If you’ve paid attention to our blog, you are probably most familiar with the Gardner Business Index. Even if you are not familiar with it, learning some background information about what the Index is and why these numbers are important can be beneficial to your company and the way you do business. Steve Kline Jr., chief data officer, demonstrates how the Index reflects changes and patterns in the manufacturing industry in his latest video you’ll find here.

To keep our readers updated with the latest economic data in the industry, Gardner Intelligence has ramped up its social media presence to include Twitter and Facebook. Visit and follow/“like” these pages so you don’t miss a beat!