VIDEO: Making Gun Parts

A new video series demonstrates how various firearms are cut on CNC machining centers and a horizontal lathe with high-speed, precision, live tooling, milling and drilling.


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Okuma manufactures CNC machine tools, drives, motors, encoders, spindles and CNC controls, and its new video series demonstrates this technology in gun parts manufacturing. The videos showcase the machining of a custom-designed rifle stock mold on a vertical machining center; an AR15 Upper being machined on a horizontal machining center; a gun barrel extension being cut on a horizontal lathe, which uses a variety of cutting tools and operations; a commemorative gun-shaped plaque for a firearms event being milled a small vertical machining center; a 1911 trigger housing being machined on a vertical machining center equipped with a rotary table; and, a .50 caliber revolver cylinder being cut on a three turret horizontal lathe.

Note: Some of the videos were filmed without the use of coolant, to better show the cutting capabilities of the machine, without visual interference. CNC machine operation without coolant is not recommended.