Video: Leading Mold Manufacturers Share Best Practices

Christina Fuges and Ryan Delahanty chat with a panel of mold builders about best practices for improving efficiencies in the virtual video series “What's New and What Works in Mold Manufacturing.”


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MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges sits down virtually with co-host Ryan Delahanty, publisher of MMT, and several guests in the moldmaking industry to discuss hot topics, trends and challenges in the hopes of leaving a few tips and strategies. Our guests in this session come from a previous panel including Don Dumoulin, CEO of Precise Tooling Solutions; Carl Jacobsen, M&M Tool and Mold; Brian Dippel, Operations Manager, X-Cell Tool & Mold; Mark Rotman of Ameritech Die & Mold; and Tim Galbraith of Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing.

In the session, Carl Jacobsen, M&M Tool and Mold and Tim Galbraith, Cavalier Tool and Manufacturing sit with the MMT team to talk further about time management and practices to improve business.

MMT addresses the complete lifecycle of a mold by providing content that shares solutions and strategies for anyone who designs builds, maintains repairs, and manages molds.

Some highlights to tune into when watching this session:

  • “Employee centered culture is all about transparency … Share everything. I think that helps people buy in not only to the workload that's there, but also to the the end goal of the company, which is growth and profitability,” says Don Dumoulin, CEO of Precise Tooling Solutions.
  • “Two things really stand out. The first one is servant leadership. We want to make sure that management understands it's their responsibility to make sure that employees have everything they need to be successful. If they don't have the right tools in their hands, then we can't we can't expect them to be successful with what they've been given. The second thing is making sure that everyone has a voice No matter how much or how little experience they may have, we find that new ideas can come from a fresh set of eyes,” says Mark Rotman of Ameritech Die & Mold.
  • Having the proper tools, machines and systems make all the difference in efficiency. “Software and managing data and automation, of course. Automating electrodes, manufacturer palletization, multiple, five axis CNC machines and stuff. That's the that's the sexy stuff that we've taken a big advantage of, and it's helped us a lot,” says Tim Galbraith of Cavalier Tool and Manufacturing.
  • Culture, communication and transparency are all essential to the growth of a business.

Taken from the 2020 MMT IMTS Spark video series “What’s New and What Works in Mold Manufacturing,” this video session is a part of six sessions presented by Mobikin Technology on the IMTS Spark platform.