Video: Cutting Lead Times with 3D Printed Molds

A look at 3D printed plastic injection molds that produce prototype parts in final materials for functional testing.


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3D printing has made it possible to quickly create custom injection molds for low-volume production of parts in the final production plastic. This video tells the story--from part design and 3D printing to injection molding and final part testing--of how Whale, a manufacturer of electronic pump systems and gas/electric heating systems, is 3D printing its injection molds. 





  • Optimizing Plastic Injection Mold Materials with FEA

    Tooling cost reduction can be achieved with up-front engineering via company collaboration and simulation technologies based on finite element analysis.

  • Adding Value to Your Mold

    Moldmaking shops must evaluate the need for a pressure transducer in an injection mold to assist them in gaining valuable information as the mold is developed.

  • Surface Finish: Understanding Mold Surface Lingo

    The correlation between the units of measure used to define mold surfaces is a commonly raised question. This article will lay these units of measure side by side in a conversion format so that companies can confidently understand with what they are dealing.