VIDEO: 2020 Leadtime Leader Winner Shares Business Strategies with CNC Machine Shops

Emily Probst, Senior Editor with Modern Machine Shop reached out to me to chat about our 2020 Leadtime Leader Winner Precise Tooling Solutions to learn about key business aspects of this winning specialty manufacturer to share with her CNC machine shop readers.
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I was honored and thrilled when colleague Emily Probst, Senior Editor with sister brand Modern Machine Shop, reached out to learn more about our 2020 Leadtime Leader Winner: Precise Tooling Solutions of Columbus, Indiana.

men at mold

Precise Tooling Solutions Owner Don Dumoulin gives his team the runway, building trust and improving efficiency.

In this 20-minute video conversation, Emily asks about moldmaking in general and then gets down to the nitty-gritty with me about our annual Leadtime Leader Program, and more specific aspects of Precise that set them apart from other specialty manufacturers, including leadership, trust, transparency, culture, growth, technology marketing and customer feedback.

Click above to watch this quick video.  For the full transcript click here.


  • How to Choose the Right CNC Router

    With moldmaking the focus is on injection molding or other mold types that use wire EDM or CNC machining centers to create the mold components. Your typical machining center weighs several tons and has a relatively small working envelope compared to a CNC router. The mill’s massive construction lends itself to machining rigid materials with very tight tolerances. While this type of CNC is suited for injection molding components, it isn’t always the ideal tool for the job when we broaden our scope of moldmaking and the current opportunities in the marketplace

  • Solving Mold Alignment Problems with the Right Alignment Lock

    Correct alignment lock selection will reduce maintenance costs, molding downtime and increase part quality over the mold’s entire life.

  • Moldmakers Deserve a Total Production Solution

    Stability, spindle speed and software are essential consideration for your moldmaking machine tool.