Two for One

The MoldMaking Expo will be taking place alongside NPE, the triennial, international plastics show (www.npe.org).


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The MoldMaking Expo will be taking place alongside NPE, the triennial, international plastics show (www.npe.org), and the timing couldn’t be better—you get to take advantage of the massive cross-over between the moldmaking and plastics industries at one show. A vital component of the Expo has always been its Technical Conference— sponsored by Progressive Components and ToolingDocs—and this year it includes 30 sessions over three days (Conference-at-a-Glance).

For the remaining months leading up until the Expo, I will be highlighting different portions of the program. This month it is our workshops.



AMBA-sponsored Techniques and Technology for Keeping Your Mold Manufacturing Competitive in a Global Marketplace: OSG Tap & Die; CAM-TOOL (Graphic Products North America) & Creative Evolution; Late-breaking technology and techniques for optimal 3-, 4- and 5-axis milling productivity for molds and dies.

The Key to Understanding How Your Customer Will Use Your Mold and Measuring the Risks: Extreme Tool & Engineering & RJG, Inc.; Mold builders need to be thorough in bringing molds to production at a faster rate and understanding the risks and how the end user will use the mold.



Develop Your Strategic Plan for Competing with Southeast Asia: GF AgieCharmilles; A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) matrix that suggests markets, ideal workpiece characteristics and tactics for the American shop to take advantage of its strengths and overcome its weaknesses.

Maximize Toolroom Efficiency: Cost-Saving Mold Cleaning Strategies: MoldTrax; Blue Wave Ultrasonics & Cold Jet; How to improve efficiencies in mold cleaning that will minimize labor, downtime, tooling damage and resultant scrap; how to separate, collect and utilize cleaning data; and details on ultrasonic and dry ice blasting.



Straight Talk Roundtable: Moldmakers Tackle the Issues: Millstar, Mold Shop Owner, Mold Shop Programmer & Mold Shop GM TBA; A town hall setup will offer some straight talk on mold manufacturing-specific technology and business challenges.

Servicing Today’s Injection Molders: Thermal-2-3D, Hot Rod Water, and Improve Part Quality and Consistency: NCII North Coast Industrial Imaging; PSG Plastic Service Group; Clinton Aluminum; Mold Shop Customer TBA; How to use thermography to diagnose and correct existing tooling problems through part evaluation as well as perform tooling audits during production runs.

You can register today by visiting www.moldmakingexpo.com.