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This year was hard. Teams and individuals had to divide and conquer and take each challenge in stride. Although there were hardships there were also advancements and growth in the industry. Based on pageviews taken from Google Analytics, here are the top ten pieces of content published in 2020. Take a look and enjoy your reading!


Together is how we made 2020 work.

Plug-And-Play Mold Monitoring Provides Transparent, Efficient Processes

A plug-and-play mold monitoring device, which takes intelligence into the tool without the complexity often associated with Industry 4.0, helps mold owners who continue to struggle with monitoring their molds.  

ALERT: An Unintended COVID Consequence

Are you experiencing unexpected oxidation and severe pitting on your molds and mold components? Well, it could be due to the additional cleaning the coronavirus has forced upon shops this year.

Using the Right Technology at the Right Time and in the Right Way

Michigan mold and die maker puts its engineering expertise to work for each customer.

Ease Core-Pulling Installation with Compact Undercut-Relief Device

Patent-pending mechanism simplifies design, machining, installation vs. traditional slides/lifters, eliminates components and uses less space without sacrificing reliability.

How to Select the Right Programming CAM Software for Directed Energy Deposition in Mold Repair and Modification

Selecting the right programming CAM software improves the use of directed energy deposition to repair and modify tooling.

How to Use Flushing to Clean Cooling Passages and Heat Exchangers

Six key questions to ask before investing in a flushing system.

The Greatest Moldmaker in the World

The changing art, craft, and science of moldmaking has not changed what it takes to be a successful moldmaker.

How to Pre-Estimate Tooling Costs

The right costing software can help to improve mold quoting and production.

Switching from Solid Carbide to Indexable Tooling Permits Lights Out Mold Base Manufacturing

The unique design of small-diameter, indexable high-feed milling cutters eliminates cutter breakage, improves productivity, and allows lights out mold base manufacturing.  

Components of a Complete Cleaning and Surface Treatment Program

Proper surface treatment of a mold optimizes the mold’s performance, limits downtime, improves performance and increases production efficiency. 

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