Top 25 MoldMaking Technology Articles from 2018

The MoldMaking Technology team used analytics to look back at the most viewed articles published in MoldMaking Technology and online during the past 12 months.


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Everyone talks about data. Well, we here at MoldMaking Technology discuss analytics a lot when it comes to content, especially because we are producing and sharing content in more places than ever. And, not only do we want to know if all that work is worth it and if our content is reaching you, we want to be able to look back and see what worked, what did not, what is hot and what is not to help us move forward with producing helpful, insightful quality content in 2019.

So, we did just that. We took a look back and here are the top 25 articles published in MoldMaking Technology during the past 12 months:

  1. Software Technology Is More Versatile, Efficient and Simplified.” Software suppliers are working diligently to provide moldmakers with relevant but easy-to-use solutions that speed processes and lower costs.
  2. Machine Hammer Peening Automates Mold Polishing.” A polishing automation solution eliminates handwork, accelerates milling operations and controls surface geometries.
  3. A Can-Do Focus and Family Values Keep Master Tool and Mold On its Game.” This Wisconsin moldmaker shows how a small operation can work “big” by having a team that’s multi-skilled and equipped with the right equipment and a can-do attitude.
  4. Performance and Price Drive Developments in Mold Materials.” Mold material suppliers are working to develop new, improved mold-material grades that will deliver on customers’ need for machinability, toughness, thermal conductivity and price.
  5. Democratizing 3D Printing of Injection Molds.” Full-service design and mold delivery, moldmaking materials, and a low-cost, high-precision printer minimize the technical risk of 3D-printed mold tryout.
  6. Why You Need a Tool Presetter.” Reduce machine idle time with fast, accurate, repeatable, offline cutting tool measurements.
  7. Milling and EDM Automation Reshape Summit Tooling’s Mold Operations.” Summit Tooling President Dan Martin credits the capability to run unattended machining 24/7 to the partnership that his company built with Makino.
  8. Canadian Moldmaker Looks to German Shop for Best Practices in Job Scheduling.” Taking a peek behind the scenes of a German mold shop inspired a Canada-based mold shop president and CEO to look at job scheduling a whole new way.
  9. Hot Runner Technologies Aim to Simplify Moldmakers’ Approaches.” Hot runner suppliers are developing solutions that remove complexities from the way that moldmakers and molders design, control and maintain their processes.
  10. Automation and AM Help W. Fassnacht Werkzeug- und Formenbau Win Germany’s 2017 Toolmaker of the Year Title.” Germany’s Toolmaker of the Year 2017 does things small but in a smart way when it comes to the design and manufacture of multi-component molds, in-mold-labeling and tools with integrated assembly functions.

Generally, what I take away from this data is that a well-rounded approach to MoldMaking Technology’s content is the way to go in 2019. If you have any topic suggestions or feedback to share, please feel free to connect with me at cfuges@gardnerweb.com. I always enjoy talking shop with you!