Top 10 Reasons to Bring Plastic Injection Molding Back to the U.S.

Much like the website of Harry Moser's Reshoring Initiative, the Rodon Group has published a paper explaining 10 benefits of reshoring your injection molding work--including increases production efficiency and product quality; insures your project complies with U.S. laws and regulations; saves on costs and leadtimes; and, offers waste reduction strategies as well as monetary benefits ... to name a few.


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The Rodon Group of Hatfield, PA, is a mold manufacturer/molder that serves the consumer, medical, construction, pharmaceutical and toys industries—and has also manufactured more than 30 billion parts for the K’NEX building toy system. They have recently published a paper explaining that according to a recent study, “'U.S. reinvestment will accelerate as the United States becomes one of the cheapest locations for manufacturing in the developed world. If it came to fruition, such reinvestment could speed up a delicate economic recovery that has yet to gain much traction.' Injection molding in this country is by no means an exception. Over the past years, it has been common practice to outsource injection molding to China and other countries. The tables are finally turning. The drive to bring injection molding back stateside again has become a growing trend.'" The 10 benefits are: Product Quality Risks, Overseas Leadtime and Costs, Price Volatility, Intellectual Property Protection, Communication and Production Scheduling, Sustainable Manufacturing and Environmental Stewardship,Waste Reduction Strategies, Higher Productivity and Efficiency, Adherence to International Standards, and Buying American Made is More Important than Ever. You can check out the full paper here.