Top 10 Blogs from 2018, Part Two

A slideshow of the most-viewed blog posts in 2018 from MoldMaking Technology Senior Editor Cynthia Kustush.
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At MoldMaking Technology, we are curious. We want to know what it is that makes you, our readers, engage with our magazine—what topics really attract you. Like Editorial Director Christina Fuges said in her blog of December 28, we took the opportunity to gather year-end statistics about the blogs that resonated most with our readers. She posted her top 10; and I am sharing my top 10 today. 

Happy New Year to all!


  • Four Key Uses of Prototyping

    Prototyping helps evaluate and test a design, clarify production costs, sell a product and secure patents.

  • Maintaining a Wire EDM Machine

    To achieve the ultimate capability and level of productivity from your wire EDM on a consistent, repeatable and reliable basis, regular maintenance is a required task.

  • 7 Key Advantages of Hot Runner Systems

    While both hot runner and cold runner systems have their benefits, for design flexibility as well as reduced cycle times and costs, hot runner systems will probably be the better choice.