Throwback Thursday: Mexico and Moldmaking

Mexico is a hot topic these days and back in 2002 we covered insights from moldmakers who traveled to that region to learn the pros and cons of establishing operations.


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Back in 2002 the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI), now called Plastics Industry Association, led a trade misison to the maquiladora region to help all businesspeople involved in the plastics industry, including moldmakers, to become more globally competitive and aware of the opportunities that exist around the Mexico/U.S. border.  Representatives from 18 companies attended.  Overall, attendees were impressed with the country's growth and the level of education. They felt that language was not the barrier they imagined it to be. They also acknowledged that there are very sophisticated operations south of the border, yet at the same time noted the lack of efficiency. Read the full article here

For more current insight, you should also check out Michael Taylor's article on Moldmaking Opportunities in NAFTA Markets from 2014. We will be do a state of the tooling market in MMT later this year.  Have you taken advantage of opportunities in Mexico? Do you have insight into that marketplace to share? If so, let me know