Throwback Thursday: Ideas from Our Editorial Advisory Board

Coming off the first conference call meeting with MMT’s new editorial advisory board members, I remembered the EAB Insights column the previous members contributed each month in the magazine.


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MMT is the magazine by the industry for the industry. Part of that philosophy is its editorial advisory board, which represents individuals across the mold lifecycle supply chain. It is made up of authorities with expertise within their respective business, industry, technology and profession. Their role is to advise on timely issues, trends, advances in the field, offer editorial thought and direction, review and comment on specific articles, and generally act as a sounding board and a conscience for the publication. Their contributions to the magazine's quality and integrity are invaluable. 

With our new board actively engaged now, I thought it was an appropriate time to look back at the contributions of our previous EAB members. Click here to check out the 11 columns that covered everything from marketing strategies to experimenting with 3D printing.