Throwback Thursday: Hot Manifold Repair: What’s so Tough about it?

Today’s TBT discusses how maintaining a typical hot runner system takes mold maintenance skills to the next level.


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Who could have predicted how popular and widely used hot runner systems would be today? There are numerous brands, styles, components and more that make up every system, and when it comes time to perform maintenance or repair, where does one begin?

Today’s Throwback Thursday blog is just what every maintenance tech needs to learn about and understand the complexities of hot runner systems – before maintenance and repairs are performed. Author Steve Johnson, president of MoldTrax, provides a brass-tacks narrative about working on hot runners and even gives some step-by-step instructions for their basic disassembly and reassembly to give readers a gauge on whether their team members require training. “Hot runner work takes the required skills mentioned here to a higher level. Mistakes made and procedures not followed or simply overlooked can be catastrophic,” Johnson says.

You can find this feature, titled “Hot Manifold Repair: What’s so Tough about it?” here. Plus, there is a video to review on the topic.

By the way, after reading and sharing this TBT with your team, you might also wish to see what new hot runner trends and products are being seen in the field. You can find out by reading my hot runner roundtable feature, which appeared in the February issue of MoldMaking Technology, is titled “Hot Runner Technologies Aim to Simplify Moldmakers’ Approaches.”


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