Throwback Thursday: Flexible High-Speed Mold Machining

A throwback with helpful tips: Use this planning guide to identify the right double-column machining center to fit your mold machining needs.


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For those on the market to purchase a new machining center, it would be beneficial to first consider several aspects or features one’s company requires to machine the mold and die components accurately and efficiently. The right machine can and will pay for itself in dividends, while the less-equipped machine may hinder production.

Today’s TBT feature, titled Flexible High-Speed Mold Machining, offers some valuable advice on several variables regarding double-column machining centers, valued tools used for their stability and efficiency. These variables include vertical machining, five-sided machining, five-axis machining, five-sided indexing, tolerance control, enclosures and bed size.

Take a few minutes to review this insightful feature that is sure to at least prompt a few questions for machine tool vendors that will get the answers needed to buy that “right machine.”

P.S. Check out the video from Okuma America Corp. included with this feature!


  • Solving Mold Alignment Problems with the Right Alignment Lock

    Correct alignment lock selection will reduce maintenance costs, molding downtime and increase part quality over the mold’s entire life.

  • The In's and Out's of Ballbar Calibration

    This machine tool diagnostic device allows the detection of errors noticeable only while machine tools are in motion.

  • How to Choose the Right CNC Router

    With moldmaking the focus is on injection molding or other mold types that use wire EDM or CNC machining centers to create the mold components. Your typical machining center weighs several tons and has a relatively small working envelope compared to a CNC router. The mill’s massive construction lends itself to machining rigid materials with very tight tolerances. While this type of CNC is suited for injection molding components, it isn’t always the ideal tool for the job when we broaden our scope of moldmaking and the current opportunities in the marketplace