Throwback Thursday: Conquering the Quoting Challenge

Adding the right multi-CAD viewer to your quoting process helps improve customer communication, secure new business, and save time and money.
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Quoting – an often dreaded but necessary process – can be made more tolerable by utilizing the right multi-CAD viewer to your quoting process. This is what author Andrea Giles of Kubotek USA Inc. says in this week’s Throwback Thursday article.

Learn how this strategy can help conquer commonly faced challenges like poor RFQ response rates (having a multi-CAD viewer can save time by making it possible to read almost any CAD file format, for instance), initial quoting inaccuracies (a multi-CAD viewer can significantly improve the accuracy of your quote - find out how), and then there's the very direct financial benefit of not having to invest in multiple CAD programs and training. This article provides common-sense support for all of this and more.

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