Throwback Thursday: Best Practices in Tooling for Ultimate Molding Success

When it comes to project management, using a systems-engineering approach streamlines efforts and optimizes opportunities for molding success.


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This month we are taking the opportunity to look back at a few informative features that have appeared in MoldMaking Technology. Today’s “Throwback Thursday” feature is titled “Best Practices in Tooling for Ultimate Molding Success,” and was contributed by John Berg, director of marketing at Sussex IM, for our April 2018 issue.

In this feature, Berg discusses the advantages of using a systems-engineering approach to optimize critical aspects of product development, mold design, mold building and production. He says, “The key to any successful manufacturing project, and certainly to a project with multiple processes, is collaborative communication… Every good tool shop and every good molder understands this and does this, but all relevant parties should interrogate and consider the entire scope of the project process. This is a practical way to define systems engineering.”

Berg offers some key insights and tips for successful project management and even includes a video and podcast for added emphasis. If you are actively involved in project management, it is worth a few minutes to read, and you can find it here.