Throwback Thursday: Analyze This

Examining a cutting tool’s performance values, not just its cost, reveals the true efficiency of machining processes.


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Question: “How long should this cutting tool last?” Answer: “How long do you want it to last?” So begins today’s Throwback Thursday installment titled “Analyze This.” It’s a good question – answered with a question, and one that is no doubt asked more times than most by customers looking to get the best value for their dollars. Our author from Dapra Corp. explains that there are many factors that go into shaping the answer – and the answer is most likely going to be different from shop to shop based on each shop’s expectations. One thing is sure, when choosing a cutting tool, cost should not be the only factor.

With so many styles of cutting tools available today, and rapidly advancing cutting tool technologies, this contributed article from 2016 can be useful for companies looking to up their strategy for reducing cutting tool costs while also optimizing cutting tool value. Read all about it here.