Three Keys to Success at Eifel Mold & Engineering

For every decision, this toolmaker makes a point to consider the potential impact on three interrelated considerations: people, process and technology.


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The profile article touches on importance of people buying into technology like this this Hermle C40U five-axis machining center, which helps facilitate the of zero-stock machining process that Eifel deems critical to its success.   

Eifel Mold & Engineering was an easy choice when it came to deciding which shop to profile for our first issue of 2015. Having visited the shop in August as part of an American Mold Builders’ Association (AMBA) event, I had seen its business philosophy in action first-hand. That philosophy—a three-part focus on process, technology and people—is something I think other mold manufacturers could do well to keep in mind. Read the article to learn more.  

You’ll also find a new feature we’re rolling out for this year’s shop profiles: a sidebar outlining the basics of the shop’s facilities and specialties. After all, part of the goal of these profiles is not just to educate, but to promote, and this is an easy way to provide an “at-a-glance” view of any operation. (As an aside, feel free to contact me if you’re interested in seeing your own operation profiled in MoldMaking Technology).