Think Global, Act Local!

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Scan the headlines today and the news ranges from simply insane to the absurd. And that’s just the political section! Businesses are facing some of the greatest challenges experienced since the 1930s, unemployment is rising as fast as the deficit and politicians with the lowest approval rating in decades vote themselves pay raises.

Remember, they work for us! We the People! Yet, it seems that We the People have absolutely no control, influence or voice in federal policy. Legislation was historically crafted for the better of the common good. Today, the vocal victim few rule and the taxpayers drool!

It’s no surprise that poll after poll shows that America feels that government is on the wrong track. Most of us feel that the system of government is out of control and accountability has been completely dismantled. Dismayed as you feel, changing Washington seems like a monumental task. Here is a solution: Think globally, but act locally.

The madness that we witness in Washington perpetuates from the local level. Entitlement attitudes are grown out of our own backyards. We have ignored them. We the People, have enabled the largest government ever in the history of our nation to abandon common sense.

You don’t need to go much farther than your local school board, county commissioners, and city council members to witness politics at its finest. However, you do have far more control, influence and voice if you choose to use it! Remember these people determine the scope and depth of your local taxes, laws and business burdens. Then they grow up and get elected to a little bigger seat in Washington, while we are here trying to muddle through this economic mess wondering how it got so out of hand.

The business of manufacturing has become so ingrained in globalization that thinking globally has engulfed us. Root cause analysis for all of this political insanity looks like a Fishbone diagram with a cigarette and a bottle of scotch in its mouth. If you’ve moved past denial and anger, then you’re ready to solve the problem. Think globally about the influence of government on your life and how you want it to impact you in the future. Then get involved. Act locally to make a difference.

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