The Craze for All Things American Made

The tremendous focus on American-made products and American Manufacturing over the past few years has prompted one organization to survey the internet for some top websites and blogs on the subject, which I wanted to share with you.


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A survey by the Alliance for American Manufacturing indicates that all political affiliations believe we need to support a strong manufacturing sector in our country. With this new interest in all things American, it is no wonder that many websites and blogs committed to this topic have been sprouting up all over the internet. Some are focused on bringing awareness to the cause; others are focused on ecommerce. The AMT survey  found about 30 websites and blogs specifically targeting the "American Made Craze." Here are some:

American Made Matters

A Continuous Lean

Made In USA Challenge

Americans Working.Com

Made in USA Forever

Still Made in the USA

Made in America, Buy American

The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM)

Made In America Store

The Made In America Movement

Buy American for America

Made In USA Products Store


Buy American.com

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