Thankful for Many Blessings

I love this industry and I feel very privileged to be a moldmaker’s daughter.


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I have come to realize that Thanksgiving Day is my favorite holiday. It used to be Christmas (and believe me, I still cherish Christmas), but Thanksgiving has risen to the top spot for a few different reasons.

One reason is because it is a quiet and reflective holiday and the focus is spending time with family and close friends. The food is wonderful, too! But each Thanksgiving my family raises a glass to show thanks for our many blessings, including good health, being together, having so many happy memories to share, and knowing we owe so much of it to my dad and his love of the moldmaking industry. Moldmaking gave our family a beautiful home, annual vacations, excellent schooling and healthcare and so much more. I love this industry and I feel very privileged to be a moldmaker’s daughter.

I’m thankful for my role as senior editor of MoldMaking Technology Magazine, and for our readers, especially those who get in touch with us when they have questions or comments about an article or blog—and when they work with us to share their expertise and experiences via a feature article in our publication. Thank you all.

I’m grateful to industry organizations like the American Mold Builders Association, the Canadian Association of Mold Makers, Society of Plastics Engineers, Inc., SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association and others that support moldmaking and related industries. I’m grateful to the people who give of their valuable time to help keep these organizations relevant and viable, and I’m honored to volunteer with many of them.

I’m grateful for companies that want to make their products here in the USA, and to organizations like The Reshoring Initiative, which works to bring manufacturing jobs—good-paying manufacturing jobs that require skills and pride in work well done—back to the United States from overseas. It’s accomplished using data and showing companies how to more accurately assess the total cost of offshoring because it’s not always the deal they think they’re getting. Those companies that bring work back here are helping our moldmaking industry grow stronger again. Thank you.

On behalf of everyone at MoldMaking Technology, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday.