Technology Tuesday: The Latest Products

Cruise through this week’s Technology Tuesday slideshow to see some of the latest products.


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If you haven’t seen them in the Products Section or under Products on the home page, check out some of the latest products, from mold materials to auxiliary equipment to machining centers, in today’s Technology Tuesday slideshow. Links to the related product pages are located in the captions.

Product Guidelines. Never submitted a product release to MoldMaking Technology before? MMT is looking for material that

  • highlights a new product or that highlights a new feature or improvement on an existing product. 
  • highlights a specific moldmaking application within a product.
  • is rich in other details about the product. 
  • is 200-500 words in length and
  • includes a high-resolution photo of the product or a screenshot of the software (if that is applicable).

These guidelines are designed to ensure that a product demonstrates maximum appeal specifically to a moldmaking audience. The guidelines also ensure that a product is usable in both our print and digital platforms.

Have questions or a product you want to share? Reach out to me with relevant material or questions at kcornelissen@moldmakingtechnology.com.