Technology Tuesday: EDM Success

Cruise through this week’s Technology Tuesday slideshow to see EDM units that shops across the country have used to increase capacity and leverage greater efficiency in their processes.


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As European correspondent Barbara Schulz wrote recently in her International Perspective column for November, “Although it is often declared dead, electrical discharge machining (EDM) clearly continues to live and has firmly established itself within manufacturers’ process chains.” She is quite right! For this week’s Technology Tuesday, I’ve put together a slideshow of EDM units in companies across the country that MoldMaking Technology has featured in case studies. Links to the relevant articles are listed in the captions. To see more content on EDM, check out the EDM Zone.

As many of you know, MoldMaking Technology’s case studies provide real-world success stories in which the “hero” is a product or service that helped a mold-industry user solve a critical problem or address an important challenge.

Have a success story that would make for a good case study that you would like to share? Reach out to Senior Editor Cyndi Kustush at ckustush@gardnerweb.com.  


  • Moldmaking Using Wire EDM

    This article explores the applications in which wire EDM has found its way. It will examine the reasons for this new interest in a supposedly unrelated machining method, and its impact on moldmaking, both physically and fiscally.

  • Jig Grinding, EDM or High-Speed Milling?

    When evaluating new processes for mold manufacture, jig grinding is worth a second look as machine manufacturers have now added high accuracy features to guarantee repeatable results.

  • Machining Variables Influencing High-Performance Wire EDM

    While EDM speeds today are impressive, there are a number of machining variables that influence the machining speed of the wire EDM.