Technology Showcase: Case Studies for MoldMaking

It’s time for another foray into past case study features that have been published in MoldMaking Technology Magazine.
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It’s time for another foray into past case study features that have been published in MMT. I’m taking a slightly deeper dive and highlighting those from the first six issues of 2015. Stay with me, though, because while I know products evolve and needs change, not every shop is on the same level with another, and you may just find some important and helpful tip or product feature that you didn’t know you needed until you read about it.

So, please see above for some images from the case studies, read the captions and then click through on those that are of interest. As I asked with my last two Case Study Showcases, if you’re using a product in your mold manufacturing plant that you’d like to share because it’s been very beneficial, give me a call or email me and let’s talk about it. I’m always looking for new and interesting products and the best way to tell folks about them is through a mold shop that has practical experience using them.

Have a happy Tuesday!


  • The In's and Out's of Ballbar Calibration

    This machine tool diagnostic device allows the detection of errors noticeable only while machine tools are in motion.

  • Choosing CAD Software For 3D Mold Design

    The world of CAD offers many alternatives to shops that want to use the latest 3-D technology for their mold design. This article looks at the benefits of the various approaches and offers some tips on choosing the most appropriate one.

  • Machining Molds with Negative Stock Shutoffs

    Negative stock shutoff can help you make better molds in less time. Here is a clear definition and description of the process. While the concept is fairly simple, the implementation can be challenging.