Take A Look in the Mirror...

…Then look around your mold manufacturing plant. Are you a Leadtime Leader?


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We're looking for a few good moldmakers.


…Then look around your mold manufacturing plant. Are you a Leadtime Leader?

I’m willing to bet that there are more than a few unsung moldmaking “heroes” out there who are just working every day, making customers’ products a reality by finding new and different ways to mold them, and delivering quality production molds on time.

But you never stop to think about it because you’re just doing your job. I’ve heard that from too many of you. Stand up and be noticed!

Aren’t you proud of your company and the people who work with you? Don’t you want others to know about the quality operation you’re running or working in? Well, MMT wants to know about it. We want to hear about the work you’re doing and the amazing ways you’re meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations. We want to learn what sets your company apart and what makes it tick. Tell us about where you’ve been and where you’re going as a company.

In return, if you win, we’ll write about your company in a special feature article and even publish your team’s photo on our cover. You’ll be an industry star, walking the “red carpet” at Amerimold Expo 2017 in Chicago and receiving many accolades from your friends and colleagues.

Check out some of our past Leadtime Leader winners. They are large companies and small, and they are spread out across the country. But one common thread ties them together, and that is they knew they were making a difference for their customers and getting it done—so they entered and won!

You could win, too. So please, take a few minutes to enter your company into our 2017 Leadtime Leader Awards competition. Good luck!