On the Road Again: Mobile Devices Making Businesses “Smarter”



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According to Sage North America, a leading supplier of business management software and services for small- and mid-size manufacturers, a recent poll found that the majority (85 percent) of manufacturing and distribution firm business decision-makers believe that mobile technology is positively affecting their firm’s productivity. They also report that, over the past year, smartphones (78 percent) and tablets (63 percent) have especially increased in their use for remote access to business information, followed by laptops at 41 percent.

I spoke with Joe Langner, executive vice president of Sage North America last week, and he said that companies are looking to leverage smart phones and tablets to extend the communication and availability of working with salespeople or people in the field as if they were physically in the office. “Basically we are walking around with computers in our pockets and it’s just amazing what you can do,” he commented. “Our expectations have also gotten higher. You can get your instant weather, instant messaging, or movie tickets from Fandango. So, we are bringing that technology into our offices and saying, ‘Why can’t we use tools like this to conduct business?’”

The survey also found that remote access has made it easier for a sales representative to get company information while in the field interfacing with clients. Mobile devices have also helped expedite business transactions through retrieval of company information (such as company catalogs), faster credit authorizations, and access to email as well as decrease organizational time for sales reps and clerical staff, Langner added. “Mobile business applications enable seamless integration between the production plant and the office, eliminating potential bottlenecks between departments.”

Click here for the complete survey findings. Perhaps you can implement some of the practices in your shop.