Steel Beam Signifies Renewal, Resolve and Remembrance

Tonight I am attending the dedication of a September 11th memorial sculpture that was erected at my local county justice center. The sculpture features this steel beam from the World Trade Center rubble along with a sign asking us to "Renew. Resolve. Remember."
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Tonight I am attending the dedication of a September 11th memorial sculpture that was erected at my local county justice center. The sculpture features this 20-foot steel I-beam that was pulled from the rubble of the World Trade Center after the terrorist attacks, along with a sign asking us to "Renew. Resolve. Remember." 

The beam was given to the Travis Manion Foundation (started in honor of a local fallen hero to inspire selfless service and assist our nation’s veterans and families) by the Port Authority of New York in 2009. The Foundation then donated the beam to my county in hopes that it could be part of a monument for the entire community to observe.

I noticed this beam standing tall aside our newly constructed courthouse, as I was walking in town a few weeks ago.  As I moved in to get a closer look, my heart began to ache. I started to realize what this beam was representing. I reached out and touched the beam and said a little prayer for all those men and women who lost their lives that day, and for the families and friends still feeling the loss. 

What a gift it is to have this memorial so close to my home to continually remind me of the many gifts I have in my life and the wonderful nation in which I live. Let this day always serve as a reminder to us of the greatness of our nation and its people.