Start the New Year with MMT's January Issue

Read about a five-step welding and engraving process that avoids brand-new mold builds, study results that indicate little risk of beryllium transfer to finished molded-plastic products, unique ways schools are using real-world projects to teach manufacturing skills, two new VMCs that add more capacity and capabilities to win large mold projects, and much more.


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Here are five great tips from MMT's January issue:

1  Mold builders must understand what their core competencies are and build defendable niches that help differentiate their companies from the competition. Four they should consider are technology, operations, industry and commodity.

2  A laser with a mirror galvanometer head can engrave to depths ranging to 0.030-0.040 inches, easing data and location replication during rebranding.

3  An academy model of teaching is designed to help students make smooth transitions to college or the workforce by allowing them to make connections through their high school coursework.

4  A large work envelope and the right control look-ahead features can help operators run longer jobs unattended and double production capabilities.

5 Before polishing a plastic injection mold, determine the required level of surface finish, as many engineered plastics will release more easily if the mold is polished to a specific finish.

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