Some Light Reading for You!

I received an invitation to review the book SmartTribes: How Teams Become Brilliant Together and wanted to share with all shop owners. It should be subtitled Five Mistakes Leaders Unknowingly Make That Scare Employees to Death.


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In this book, written by Christine Comaford, she says that even good leaders unintentionally strike fear in the hearts of their workforce. And, the consequences could be more dire than you might realize. “From time to time we all say or do things that spark unconscious fears in our employees,” Comaford says. The primitive ‘fight, flight, or freeze’ part of the brain takes control. When that happens, when people are stuck in what I call the Critter State, all they can focus on is their own survival.”

Comaford adds owners would like their employees to be in control of their whole brain—especially the parts responsible for the emotional engagement and intelligent decision-making that lead to high performance. In fact, today’s economy demands it. That’s why Comaford’s business—teaching leaders how to use the best tactics from neuroscience to get teams unstuck and shift them into their so-called “Smart State”—is booming.

In the book, she recommends giving them feedback, proposing solutions, and encouraging change. I say it’s worth a read.