Small Parts Deburring Machine

The sPINner; Booth # W-1732

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The sPINner machine from Earth-Chain batch deburrs small precision parts manufactured on swiss-type turning centers, lathes, and machining centers in just a few minutes. The sPINner removes light burrs, whiskers, and even microburrs safely and easily without affecting the critical tolerances of the parts, or adding any ferrous material to the surface of the part.

The sPINner works best on small precision parts made from non-magnetic material such as: titanium, stainless, aluminum, brass, and copper. The small, stainless steel pin media can deburr threads, slots, ID burrs, cross-holes, and even blind holes that other media cannot reach. All parts are automatically demagnetized at the end of the deburring cycle, so residual magnetisim is not an issue.

The sPINner is fully programmable for hands-free operation and comes in 3 different sizes. Send Earth-Chain your sample parts for a free evaluation. They will deburr your parts and return it with test results and run time information.

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