SLIDESHOW: Technology Tuesday, Technology in Action

This week, instead of a showcase of static product information, I thought I'd share some videos demonstrating technology in action that MMT has covered.


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If a picture is worth 1,000 words than a video must be worth at least 5,000. Check out these technology demonstrations via supplier videos that accompanied some recent technical articles.

  • Watch this demo of Ingersoll Cutting Tool’s Deep Trio as it quickly and efficiently drills deep into 4140 steel.
  • Watch this demo of the Die-Sep mold separator to learn how quickly, safely and ergonomically molds can be opened and closed in the shop. (Video courtesy of 3M New Ulm, Minnesota)
  • This video shows a machine using parallel mode technology to print a workpiece in maraging steel. 
  • To take advantage of circle segment cutting tools, the programmer/machinist must generate sophisticated programs that continuously present the tool at a precise angle that is dependent on the slope of surface to be finished and the shape of the tool at any given point in the program. Watch this video.
  • Production to Functional Specification (PtFS) technology can optimize the use of advanced materials, enabling the manufacture products such as aircraft wings, consumer devices or automotive components much more efficiently than is possible with traditional manufacturing techniques.   
  • High-feed geometry favors faster feeds and lighter cuts, which enables tripling the feed rate and faster cornering.
  • Advanced SPC uses a cloud-based manufacturing quality management system to automatically implement the entire mold manufacturing inspection planning and reporting process.
  • Special cutter geometries exist today that are specifically designed to eliminate chatter, regardless of the application.
  • In this laser engraving video, see a large variety of laser engraving applications demonstrated on a multitude of alloys including tool steels and precious metals.
  • Wire and sinker EDMs, with their larger axis travels, faster cutting capabilities (even on hard-to-machine materials) and reduced electrode usage, can help mold builders keep up with the increasing demands for higher productivity and the greater capacity necessary for growth.  

Visit our Video page for more technology in action.