SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, Molding

Why not kick off the New Year with some molding-related product news and information being covered by MMT's sister publication.


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When it comes to molding, some mold builders have sampling and mold tryout capabilities, while others have ventured into full production molding. However, no matter where your company falls within the realm of molding, one thing is for sure: to serve your customers better, a solid understanding of how a mold's design and build will impact part processing is vital.

MMT has covered various molding-related challenges and solutions throughout the years. We even had a monthly series, called Pellet to Part in 2015 and Guest Blogger Randy Kerstra's Designer's Edge series. But, sister publication Plastics Technology covers everything molding all the time, so I thought I'd share some of the product news and process information they've covered recently. This slideshow gives you just a taste, so if you want more, visit ptonline.com.