SLIDESHOW, Technology Showcase: DMG MORI Open House

DMG MORI once again underlined its high level of innovation at the company's traditional Open House event at Deckel Maho in Pfronten, Germany last month with three world premieres among the 80 machines showcasing the company's product offerings.
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After Japan-based DMG MORI Co. acquired further shares in the German DMG MORI AG and reached a total shareholding of 76 percent of shares in AG last year, the company's president, Dr Masahiko Mori and DMG MORI’s CEO Christian Thönes seem to deliver on their promise to become leaner and focus on product quality and service. While DMG MORI once again underlined its high level of innovation at the company's traditional Open House event at Deckel Maho in Pfronten, Germany last month, there were only three world premieres on show among the 80 machines showcasing the company's wide range of product offerings. Clearly a sign of the company's consolidation efforts, including a reduced number of machines introduced to the market each year, as well as the reduction of product offerings from 300 to 150.

With consolidating the product lines, the company has also closed its plants in Le Locle (Dixi), Switzerland, Chiba, Louvres (Tobler) and the factory in Shanghai, and is now operating 14 plants worldwide, Dr Mori said at the Open House press conference. The precision of the former Swiss-made Dixi machines will in future be available as DMG MORI machines called µPrecision, which are available for duoBlock, Portal and NHX 8000 machines. While the machines will be assembled in Pfronten, the highly-skilled workers performing the 500-hour scraping process for the guideways to ensure an accuracy of <15 µm will remain in Switzerland, a DMG MORI representative told me during my tour of the Open House.

Moreover, the former Ecoline is gradually changing from being a classic machine offer to becoming a customer-orientated basis for holistic manufacturing solutions (with more possibilities, technology and options such as a choice of Siemens, Fanuc or Heidenhain controls for the new CMX V) and a new branding. The series is divided into the CLX series of basic universal turning centers, the CMX V series of basic vertical machining centers and the basic universal milling machines of the CMX U generation.

World Premieres: The latest model, the CLX 350, joins its bigger brother CLX 450, and was one of the world premieres at the Open House. In its standard version, the universal turning center offers a footprint of less than 5 m², machine bar material of  51 mm – with 65 mm diameters available as an option.

The other world premieres included the DMU 50 3rd generation and the Lasertec 75 Shape. The DMU 50 is designed five-axis milling applications, featuring enlarged swivel range, a more powerful spindle and an innovative cooling concept, according to DMG MORI. A rapid traverse of 42 m/min and 30 rpm in the swivel-rotary axis is said to ensure the dynamics for five-sided to five-axis simultaneous machining.

In addition to the 15,000 rpm speedMASTER motor spindle, the user can also choose between motor spindles with up to a 20,000 rpm. The Lasertec 75 Shape expands the company's portfolio in laser texturing by offering a 21-percent reduced footprint, a work envelope for workpieces up to 840 mm and 520 mm in height, as well as an option to include an automation solution.

Automation:  Automation is still high on the agenda, and Thönes emphasized that "we are convinced that we have to automate every machine". Today, already every fourth machine tool made by DMG MORI was equipped with automation, he said. DMG MORI USA CEO Dr Thorsten Schmidt added that he believes that around one-third of all machines delivered to U.S. customers are automated, and the number of companies requiring automation or at least demanding automation options for future capacity expansion was growing.

DMG MORI also showcased a mobile automation system for lathes with intuitive programming via Celos Powertool. The core of the integrated turning cell is the new loading and unloading system Robo2Go, designed for mobile use with up to four lathes.

To support DMG MORI’s customers and companies outside the machine tool industry in handling the digital transformation by way of fully connected production processes, DMG MORI has acquired a share of 85-percent in start-up company ISTOS. According to Thönes, the company is purposefully creating an open structure for further partners or strategic investment and is creating room for digital alliances, even across sectors. ISTOS will develop individual customer solutions across the group and together with DMG MORI Software Solutions GmbH will "realize the digital production world". Initial results will be presented at the EMO in Hannover this September.

Lasertec 30 SLM: Another highlight was DMG MORI’s announcement that it will now be offering an AM machine based on powder bed technology. By a majority shareholding of 50.1-percent in Realizer GmbH in Borchen, Germany the group is strengthening its future technologies in AM. The selective laser melting (SLM) technology complements the company's existing AM offerings, the Lasertec 65 3D for laser deposition welding and milling. The machines will be built in Bielefeld and ready for series production, Thönes said.