SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, Cutting Tools

Need cutting tools? There are so many to choose from it can be almost overwhelming, but here are a few MMT has showcased in recent months just in case you missed them.


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Cutting tools are central to almost everything a moldmaker does when building molds. I knew there were many different types of cutting tools, but until I covered cutting tool companies at IMTS this year I didn’t realize that they came in so many different sizes, configurations, and materials, all intended to improve speeds, surface finishes and feed rates. In addition, many are specially designed for a specific kind of machining job and others are manufactured to keep chips cleared from the cutter path while also offering quick-change features that save valuable time. It’s almost overwhelming. 

If you're looking for new cutting tools and related products, MMT has covered several of them in recent months. I’m featuring a few in the slideshow above. Be sure to watch for links within the captions that will bring up web pages with more information about each item shown. Happy hunting!