Sinker and Wire EDM

Sodick Inc. (Schaumburg, IL) will be featuring its latest innovative technology at Eastec 2011, including the AG40L Sinker EDM and the AG600L Wire EDM.


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Sodick Inc., will be featuring its latest innovative technology in Brooks Associates Booth #1205 at Eastec 2011, including the AG40L Sinker EDM and the AG600L Wire EDM.

The AG40L Sinker EDM features high speed and high acceleration linear motor drives, this enables even and natural flushing condition that leads to perfect part accuracy.  The AG40L can reduce EDMing time by as much as 50%.  The menu-driven control automatically writes the NC code for the operator while inserting optimum cutting conditions.  With its instantaneous responsive control and no flush technology, the AG40L makes what appears to be impossible, possible. The AG40L comes standard with Sodick’s 10 year positioning guarantee.

The AG600L Wire EDM is a high precision, high speed CNC machine.  The AG Series Wire EDMs include direct drive linear motors with Heidenhain absolute glass scale feedback, an energy saving circuit to save on power consumption, motion controller to provide simultaneous axis movement, on-board user-friendly Heart NC cam system, a rise fall worktank and a 10 year positioning guarantee.

Sodick Inc., established in 1976, has sold over 50,000 EDMs worldwide and has had over 25,000 linear motor EDM deliveries.  Sodick machines are used for the production of dies and molds as well as other various applications that cannot be produced by standard machining methods.  Sodick has four ISO certified manufacturing facilities with over 3,100 employees worldwide and technical centers located in Chicago, New Jersey and California.  Sodick offers the industry’s first 10 year positioning guarantee on all of its linear motor driven EDMs.



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