Show Talk—Exhibitor Update

Exhibitors weigh in on amerimold’s success.


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On the exhibitor side, Boride’s Sales and Product Manager Betsi Burns told me that this year’s amerimold was the busiest she’s seen from our show in a long time. “Our booth location rocked too,” she enthused. She added that they already received an online order from one of their booth visitors for the new Golden Star and an air profiler. “The best part—he’s one of our biggest competitor’s customers! So, for us the show was terrific!” 

Missler Software Technical Director Bill Genc also said that this year’s show was likely the “best show for moldmaking” that the company has seen in the past three to four years in this market. He told me show traffic was strong and the company received some “fantastic quality leads.”

Mike Hicks VP over at DMS told us they displayed and offered technical advice and support for several innovative products during amerimold 2013--from KoolFlow water manifolds and tunnel gate insert technology to mold plaques and hydraulic locking cylinders to locating rings and mold management systems. All of which received equal interest from attendees. Hicks said many attendees reported they were pleased with the products displayed and/or they would consider using them in the near future. He also shared, "We had a potential customer from a previous recent event come to our booth to discuss the necessary next steps to start using some of the products DMS was promoting."

Over at the Roehr Tool booth, Technical Sales Manager Al Hickok informed me the first day of amerimold was excellent for them. “The traffic flow was steady and we had a nice mix of mold manufacturers, molders and OEMs stop by our booth,” he said. “We got some great leads from customers and we expect to get some applications in for review right away. It was a great show for Roehr.”

It was also busy on the Mold Maintenance Highway (MMH), an aisle devoted to mold maintenance equipment and products, which was organized by Progressive Components. Steve Wilson Director, Business Development for Cold Jet, LLC, told me that he received a very favorable response from attendees walking the MMH. “We found that many of our plastics processing customers are attending the show, not only to find moldmaking solutions, but also solutions to maintaining their existing tooling,” Steve explained. “The MMH made finding such solutions very convenient for attendees at the show. Having a single booth with complementary technologies proved to be very successful. The quality—and quantity—of booth traffic was enhanced with the addition of the MMH.”

Put amerimold 2014 on your calendar of must-attend trade shows next year: June 11-12 in Novi Michigan. Hope to see you there!